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Valentus USA

Thanks to the Valentus Prevail line of functional beverages, all around the world people are experiencing a new kind of health and vitality.

We take great pride in creating products that get wonderful results, and on creating products that are excellent for your body. Our functional beverages are developed using pure natural ingredients from pristine locations around the world.

Many are calling our flagship Energy product the best energy drink EVER produced. We offer our super-antioxidant Immune Boost, our incredible new weight management beverage called Trim, and Prevail SlimRoast Coffee; Coffe never taskted so good.

And, if the health boost weren’t enough, just wait until you taste these spectacular beverages. They are so tasty!

Our Mission

From an exciting new line of products, to the finest manufacturing facilities in the world, to a compensation regime that is unparalleled in the network marketing business, to our corporate team that provides an unmatched level of integrity and leadership, at VALENTUS our mission is to assist everyone to PREVAIL in ALL facets of their life!